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A Short Corporate History

I.T.T.C. S.A. was founded in 1996, with its main directive being to cover the voids present in the fields of modern very high technology IT and Telematics, in the development and production of integrated software for the vertical applications markets – especially in the mainframe / enterprise systems areas, in multimedia, in multi-user – remote IT environments, in LAN / WAN / wireless networking, in Education and Support, both on-site and remote, as well as in the critical field of Transaction Security.

The successful co-operation with IBM since the establishment of ITTC, in conjunction with the selection of distinguished scientific personnel, are characteristic of the aggressive policy of the company, which had targeted its establishment in the fields of consulting studies, IT Systems, and High Technology Software.

From the very beginning, I.T.T.C. S.A. secured a frame of co-operation with IBM, enriched its staff with well-established professionals, and became – almost overnight – one of the established names in the Greek IT market.

Within the above framework, ITTC has provided training on behalf of IBM in the mainframe, AIX software, communications and general IT areas, to clients such as (indicatively) :


The research and technology activities of the company are focused in the following areas:


With respect to the last two areas above, long corporate research has resulted in the application, registering, and patent diploma awards with OBI (the Greek Industrial Property Organisation) for a number of areas; specifically, for:


It is noteworthy that certain of the above Patents refer to areas which have never before been explored, worldwide.



Current Objectives of the company include:



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